The warmest fleece in the history of Mont-Bell, the most cost effective winter partner this season!

4 years ago

This season, many brands are releasing their own fleece based products one after the other. Within this large selection of fleeces, we found a high-quality, cost effective item from Mont-Bell. This is a versatile jacket that can be worn from now until spring.

CLIMAPLUS Sealing Jacket ¥9680

This piece uses a thick fleece material called “CLIMAPLUS” that boasts extremely high heat retention. A special texture is applied to the polyester fiber to create a soft texture like freshly sheared wool. The high volume fleece also has stretch properties as well as breathability to avoid heavy sweating.

In addition to sand beige and heather grey, there are a total of 3 colors available including pure indigo.

The logo is discretely embroidered on the chest to not be too intrusive and this is a versatile item that can be used as outerwear during autumn and an inner garment during winter or camping trips.

This high quality yet affordable fleece jacket is something that could only be brought to you by Mont-Bell and is sure to enrich your autumn and winter seasons!