A jacket that transforms into a backpack!? The latest model from the recently revived Alk Phenix.

11 months ago

Based on the concept of “functional clothes for walking”, “Alk Phenix” develops a stoic wardrobe developed from the perspective of walkers. With their restart for Fall/Winter 2022, a groundbreaking new piece that transforms from a backpack to a jacket has appeared!

Convoy Jacket ¥79200

Since it transforms into a backpack while your belongings are stored in the rucksack pocket on the back, it is designed so that you can carry it without taking it off even when it gets hot. They have adopted a nylon body that is highly stretchable, lightweight and water repellent, named “Cal Stretch Two” newly developed by the same brand.

The rucksack pockets placed on both sides and the back have excellent storage capacity, and the slanted sides of the top lid distribute the contents to the left and right to evenly spread the weight. They are committed to providing comfort not only as a jacket, but also the action of “carrying” it on your back.

The pocket that appears when you open the waterproof cover on the chest is made of nylon on the right side and mesh on the left side. Gadgets and card cases that you carry around every day can be subdivided easily.

The retractable hood partially uses a special thread developed by GUNZE that releases static electricity. It solves the static electricity problem that is often experienced in winter.

Pre-orders for this brand-like jacket, which incorporates all kinds of gimmicks, are being accepted, with the release planed in late November. In addition, pre-orders for coats, pants, and bags have started on the official website.

Check out the range of daily wear with excellent functional beauty that is typical of the newly revived Alk Phenix.

■alk phenix OFFICIAL SITE www.alkphenix.jp