A Digi-Ana model that inherits the DNA of the first G-SHOCK in full metal with Bluetooth technology!

1 year ago

The popular Digi-Ana model “GA-2100” series debuted in 2019, inheriting the concept of the first ever “G-SHOCK” model “DW-5000C”. A new full metal model equipped with a smartphone link has appeared as part of the GA-2100 series, which is known for its thin body while retaining the shock-resistant structure that is the identity of the brand.

GM-B2100D-1AJF ¥71500/GM-B2100BD-1AJF ¥80300/GM-B2100GD-5AJF ¥80300

The full metal model “GA-2100” uses stainless steel for the screw back case, bezel and band. The octagonal bezel shape that was also used in the very first G-SHOCK model and the simple design such as the dimple design of the wrist band will appeal to long time fans of G-SHOCK.

The lineup of IP-treated colors includes silver that emits a beautiful shine, a powerful looking all black, and fashionable rose gold.

The stainless steel bezel, which adds a sense of toughness to its appearance, is intricately finished and has undergone labor-intensive forging, cutting, and polishing processes, and is three-dimensionally shaped.

Also check out the delicate molding that uses the fine processing technology of the Casio Yamagata factory and the dial plate that has a high texture finish by applying vapor deposition processing.

In addition to practical functions such as tough solar and high-intensity double LED lights, it also has a smartphone link, so it can be connected to a dedicated app via Bluetooth® to acquire time information and keep an accurate time.

In addition, by installing a slim and high-performance module using high-density mounting technology, it has been made thinner, so it is extremely comfortable to wear.