Three new metal frames from Eyevol are now available! Classic design for active people!

5 months ago

Eyevol, a long-established Japanese domestic eyewear brand, creates many sporty items such as sunglasses, but in recent years, the RX line, which is also compatible with prescriptions, has gained popularity. They are highly popular within the fashion industry because they can be used as traditional glasses while maintaining the sporty look and function.

Now, 3 new types of the RX series featuring a long-awaited metal frame are now available! Let’s check them out right away!

Intelligent design!

CAMELON ¥23000

The “Camelon” is an exquisite combination of Boston type lens shape and a titanium frame. The nose pad uses a highly cushioned silicone air pad that prevents slipping even when you sweat. The materials of each part such as the frame and temples are the same as the Garrison below.


120% stylish round glasses!


If you are a glasses fan, you should definitely own at least one pair of the round type “Garrison”. The combination of flexible TR-90 material, which is also used in medical institutions, and wide temples made of rubber, gives them a different look depending on the angle!


French vintage style!

LORENCE ¥20000

The “Lorence” is characterized by a crown punt that features a straight line at the top while being rounded overall. These are a versatile pair of glasses with a good balance regardless of age or gender. The frames are available in 6 colors, so you can play around with the colors to match your style!

Eyevol’s eyewear, which has both reliable functionality backed by a history of about 50 years and design that skillfully captures trends, is definitely worth keeping your eye on now and in the future!