The latest collaboration between Gramicci and Urban Research features cool pants made with Solotex!

11 months ago

The collaboration projects between “Gramicci” and “URBAN RESEARCH”, tends to release 6 to 8 models throughout the year. Now the most popular pants model from the hot summer season is seeing a brand new release.

This season, they have used fabric from “Solotex”, which is known for its high-performance materials, to create a comfortable pair of pants with a clean image.

SOLOTEX Dry Touch Gabardine Pants ¥15950

The jodhpurs style tapered silhouette, and the smooth texture promises outstanding comfort even in the hot summer months. Because the fabric used is stretchy, they are also great for outdoor activities.

The running man logo on the webbing belt is a custom-made color scheme that goes well with each main color. The fine eye for detail that Urban Research is known for is apparent in every facet of the design.

They are available in four colors: beige, black, smoky green, and gray. All of them are matte colors that can be styled easily with a wide variety of outfits until the beginning of autumn.

While these pants have an urban appearance that fits well when worn with a jacket, they also stick to the details that you would expect from climbing pants, so they are a good match for outdoor activities as well. These Urban Research-like city style pants can be worn comfortably at any occasion to help you create a stylish look.