NANGA is respected by many brands which has lead to a flood of collaboration requests this season!

4 years ago

Every winter season, Nanga bespoke items are released by various brands and stores. This is nothing new as many brands like to collaborate with the famous down maker but the number of collaborations continues to increase. This season over 140 different bespoke items are being produced.

Why is Nanga so revered by so many different brands? We have documented their appeal in 3 chapters that helps explain why there are so many collaboration requests from both the fashion and outdoor industries.


Chapter 1 : Proven track record and reliable technical capabilities unique to long a long-established company.

Nanga was founded in 1941 in Maibara City, Shiga prefecture which is famous for producing Omi cotton. They initially manufactured futons, but from the 1960’s they also begun work on sleeping bags. In the 1990’s they first announced their original down sleeping bag that adopted their original material Aurora Latex. The unparalleled warmth provided by the use of high-quality feathers and sewing techniques spread via word of mouth especially within the outdoor industry and enthusiasts around the world began to take notice.

“The latex that we manufacture is a high level waterproof and moisture permeable material but it is perhaps not as easily recognized as Gore-Tex. However it has become a standard material that represents the level of quality we as a company always strive for”. (Tomoyuki Yokota / CEO of Nanga)

The Aurora down jacket is a typical item that makes use of this in-house developed latex technology. The original model that was the basis for this was born through a collaboration with Urban Research. The joining of forces between these two companies continues today and is entering its 10th year. Of course, new models are released yearly and they continue to evolve stylistically.


This season, Urban Research Doors have developed a slim down jacket as a special release of this original pattern. It has been released yearly as a classic item up until now but this time, the pattern has been revised and the silhouette has been renewed. The length is shortened and it is finished in a classic style with a large shoulder width and volume.

“It’s thanks to Nanga that we can offer you a reasonable price for products using Aurora Latex and high quality down feathers with excellent moisture permeability, heat retention and water repellency”. (Mr Yuta Yanagibori / Urban Research Press)


Chapter 2 : A commitment to high quality materials and a clean stance.

Since Nanga’s founding, down quality has always been a commitment. For this reason, feathers have always been carefully selected from all over the world. Currently, they are mainly using feathers mature waterfowl’s feathers from Spain. All of the items they use are thoroughly certified with a country of origin. 

“With down products, customers rarely have a chance to see the enclosed feathers, that why we always make sure to use the highest quality feathers only. In the future we will always carefully choose the best feathers to make the best down for our customers”. (Tomoyuki Yokota / Nanga CEO)

Domestic cleaning and treatment is another pillar of Nanga’s down quality. All feathers used by Nanga are washed by Kawada Feather, a long established feather processing manufacturer in Mie prefecture. 

“The most important reason for us choosing to clean the feathers domestically is the high quality. I have finished feather treatment plants in other countries but I still feel that Japanese cleaning technology is the most advanced. The smell of the down can be reduced as well as the heat retention can be improved”. (Tomoyuki Yokota / President of Nanga)


This is the latest collaboration item with F/CE, who shares Nanga’s commitment and lack of compromise when it comes to material quality. The classic bomber jacket is updated and the volume of down is increased to 200g from this season. With a simple design that also has a hood and rib, that gives it an urban style. 

“In addition to the thorough quality control and commitment to the quality of their feathers, F/CE’s products are often difficult to produce and sew but Nanga is a manufacturer that we have a great amount of faith in”. (Toshifumi,/ F/CE designer)

In addition, Nanga has been focusing on eco-conscious activities in recent years, such as the launch of the “Green Down Project”, which actively incorporates recycling down. Feathers are of course a finite resource; however feathers that have been used for many years can be cleaned and refined to make them useable again as high quality down for many years. Therefore, these renewed feathers are attracting a lot of attention as a sustainable material.


Chapter 3 : Insatiable pursuit of perfection for down items.

Nanga made a full scale entry in the US market two years ago via the largest outdoor show in the States “Outdoor Retailer” with a limited edition US model. At the venue, many discerning outdoorsmen praised the uniqueness and quality of Nanga’s down products. 

“OR has taken full advantage of our knowledge of feathers that we have cultivated over many years and has proposed down jackets and sleeping bags that can be sold all over the world. Japanese brands have a strong image of quality overseas. Making use of the highest quality domestic fabrics we also want to put our own character into these products”. (Tomoyuki Yokota / CEO of Nanga)


Here is a collaborative item with Natal Design, who were involved with Nanga’s advancement into the US market. “With this jacket we have partly changed the sewing method and material in the pursuit of the optimum comfort. Nanga are excellent to work with as we can discuss and share ideas together”. (Gotoh / Natal Design Director) 

This is a richly colored down jacket, that pursues high water repellency, heat retention with small details that enhance comfort. The volume and coloring are all based on the concept of classic outdoor design.

Nanga is a long-established company and as such are always pursuing new challenges. Currently they are developing the ultimate sleeping bag from a scientific perspective. Of course, this new approach to design and latest technology will also be reflected in clothing such as jackets and pants.

“The goal is to create the most technologically advanced sleeping bag in the world. But there are of course many different styles of mountain climbing we need to consider. Harsh winter seasons, high places, low mountains and even vertical terrain.

Not only that but also the natural environment in Asia, America and Europe. So there are many factors we need to consider but we want to further study the relationship between the amount of feathers and the fabric as well as the optimal structure to create the highest quality sleeping bag that can handle any environment.  

After all as a down manufacturer with our roots in bedding and futons we would like to continue pursuing the goal of sleeping bags providing the most comfortable nights sleep in the world”. (Tomoyuki Yokota / CEO of Nanga)


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