Items using upcycled materials are now available from Snow Peak!

11 months ago

“Snow Peak” develops eco-friendly apparel items such as collecting used polyester and a recycling business under the theme of re-circulating clothes. From the fall of 2021, they started the “UPCYCLE COTTON PROJECT”, with the idea that the natural fiber cotton that many users wear on a daily basis should be recycled.

This involves pulverizing the fallen cotton and cutting scraps that are generated when manufacturing apparel products such as sweatshirts and shirts, and recycle them into re-spun yarns and fabrics. Snow Peak have developed items such as T-shirts and denim with these types of upcycled materials.

Recycle Cotton Heavy L/S T Shirt ¥8800

The latest additions to this upcycled lineup is a simple heavy ounce cut and sew series that is a staple item of Snow Peak. It is made in Wakayama Prefecture, which is a famous manufacturing area for cut and sew materials. It’s thick and durable, so it’s a good long sleeve t shirt to wear for everyday life as well as when camping.

At Snow Peak, they collect cotton camping equipment such as tents, tarps, and sleeping bags that are no longer needed, regardless of the manufacturer. This material is then reproduced as their own unique product. As a fan of the outdoors, how about cooperating with this upcycling initiative, the first of its kind in the industry?