Stonemaster’s new shirt is a packable model with excellent storage capabilities!

11 months ago

Mike Graham, is a legendary climber who swept outdoor culture during the ’70s. A tough shirt that can be used both outdoors and in the city has been designed by him with the brand “STONEMASTER”, who are also known for their excellent production of climbing pants.

A packable shirt with many pockets and an exquisite feeling of quality and durability.


An oversized field shirt with a chest pocket in the shape of Mike Graham’s hand-drawings, and a jagged stitch icon embroidered on the left pocket. Because it uses a blend of nylon and cotton, it has excellent durability, and the puckering and aging of the fabric due to the pigment processing gives it an impactful look.

A drawcord is attached to the hem, which not only stops wind from entering, but also allows you to freely change the silhouette.

A drawcord has been added to the hem to help improve wind resistance and also so you can freely adjust the length. The shirt can also be rolled up and packed in the zipper pocket which is very convenient based on the environment. While maintaining the robustness unique to use of hybrid materials, this shirt is finished with an exquisite texture using advanced dyeing technology. We highly recommend this durable, convenient and stylish new shirt as part of your wardrobe for outdoor activities this autumn and winter season.