Beams’ unique autumnal version of Mont-Bell’s classic inner down!

1 year ago

“B:ming by BEAMS” have made a special order for “Mont-Bell”‘s classic “Superior Down Round Neck Jacket”.

A special tag is attached to the back of the neck to denote the bespoke order, and the fabric color scheme on the front and back has been changed from one tone to two colors. It comes with a stuff bag so that it can be carried and stored, making it highly portable. The silhouette has a slightly short length with no collar and a clean neck design, and the hem does not come out even when worn as an inner layer under a jacket. The arm circumference also has a moderate amount of room, so it is easy to move in.

mont-bell x B:MING by BEAMS / Bespoke Superior Down Round Neck Jacket 2022 ¥15400

The fabric is a carefully selected synthetic fiber material with a mini ripstop structure that is extremely soft. It also uses Mont-Bell’s high-quality 800 fill power EX down that combines excellent warmth while remaining lightweight. If you use a special detergent and a washing machine with a dryer, you can wash your clothes at home.

It comes with a convenient stuff bag.

This is a multi-use outer that can be used not only as a main coat in chilly weather, but also as an inner down when the cold weather becomes more severe. It seems to be convenient not only for casual wear but also as an inner jacket for business occasions. Of course, this item is also very useful for outdoor scenes, so be sure to check out the official Beaming by Beams website for more details.