Eldoreso’s limited triple collaboration tee with a fast-drying fabric and unique graphic print.

4 months ago

“ELDORESO” has released a versatile new T-shirt that has great functionality that can be used not only for camping but also for jogging and trail running, while also featuring a basic design that is perfect for everyday use.

This is a triple collaboration between GO OUT and the trail running magazine “RUN+TRAIL”.

アウトドアTEE(ELDORESO × RUN+TRAIL × GO OUT Collaboration)

They have adopted a lightweight body that combines excellent water absorption and diffusion, quick drying, breathability, and moisture permeability. Based on a fabric woven with Coolmax yarn, and there is an eye-catching original “outdoors” graphic printed on the front.

The black and white monotone color is a bespoke model exclusive to Run Plus Trail. You can get it on the official magazine website (runplustrail.jp).

GO OUT Online sells T-shirts that are suitable to wear with any style of pants and on any occasion, such as trail running pants in the mountains and denim in the city. This new triple collab T-shirt allows you to feel the outdoors just by wearing it!