A rain poncho and pants with a sophisticated design from the collaboration between Mizuno and Margaret Howell, are now available.

10 months ago

“MIZUNO” and “MARGARET HOWELL” started a collaboration in the fall of 2017. They have collaborated to develop items that fuse the sensibilities and technical capabilities of both parties, who are very particular about manufacturing. This season’s MIZUNO FOR MARGARET HOWELL collaboration has led to the creation of a rain poncho and rain trousers.

“While continuing the collaboration, I really feel that combining Mizuno’s technical materials and manufacturing techniques with our design and philosophy such as the sense of balance when worn makes it an excellent pairing. The clothes we make have changed as well, and I love the contrasting style of lightweight technical fabrics paired with natural ones too.” – Margaret Howell

This collection is perfect for an active lifestyle, whether you use it around town or outdoors. It utilizes BERGTECH, a highly functional material originally developed by Mizuno, to create simple and modern active wear. It features outstanding durability and water repellency as well as excellent moisture permeability that reduces stuffiness. Be sure to check out the official website for this stylish collaboration that you can wear even on rainy days.