Meanswhile’s popular and versatile 4-way jacket has been updated!

1 year ago

“Meanswhile”, produces clothing based on the concept of “clothes are the tools closest to the body”. Now they have redesigned their classic 4WAY spec model first created in 2017. The unique design that features various different ways to wear it has been updated based on the how to best combine it with innerwear.

4 Completely different ways to wear it.

Cordura® Stretch Reversible 4Way JKT ¥63800

In addition to the usual reversibility, by turning it inside out from the hem, it is possible to wear it in 4 different ways that have never been seen before. Among them, the basic look is a collarless tailored jacket style. You can wear it with any innerwear, including shirts, T-shirts and knits.

It can also be worn so it is layered with a fishing vest. Small items can be easily stored, and it demonstrates storage capacity that means you won’t need a bag when in the city or out in the field.

Next is a design that looks like a layered work vest that features unique accenting due to the stitching on the front.

The three-dimensional zip pocket on the chest is impressive. This is also a basic look, so you can wear it with any item you want to match.


Easy pants made from the same material are also available.

Cordura® Stretch Slim Easy PT ¥24200

They also have slim easy pants that use cordura stretch material that is the same fabric as the jacket. In addition to elasticity, it is also water repellent and washable. The fine brushing on the back side helps guarantee a comfortable fit.

The jacket and pants are available in three colors: sand, black, and navy.

The 4-way design is unique and can be adapt to many different situations and needs such as a simple style in the city where you want to wear it casually, and a fishing vest style for outdoor activities and travel where you want to reduce the amount of luggage you carry in a bag. This jacket, which looks different from every side, is a one-of-a-kind item that flexibly blends into any place.