Denham have reimagined the design of both new and classic items from Mountain Research for a special collaboration!

4 months ago

Another eye-catching collaboration by “MOUNTAIN RESEARCH” and “DENHAM” is back again this season! This is the 4th installment of the series, and a total of 7 items, including products currently on sale at Mountain Research and archive items revived by Denham’s request, will be developed with special new designs.

DM.PARKA ¥101200

The first item is a parka based on US Army military wear that uses 3-layer nylon and is also waterproof. The faux fur on the hood, which creates a military look, can be removed. It comes in two colors, black and olive.

The back pocket which is called a “Horn Pocket”, because it is designed to put in deer horns that have fallen in the forest, features a special logo to signify the collaboration with the words “FOR DENHAM”, which leaves a lasting visual impact.


There is also a cotton long-sleeved T-shirt with a bold print on the front featuring the mascot character of General Research, the predecessor brand of Mountain Research, commonly known as “Mokumoku-kun”. This is a special release only for this collaboration which features the iconic character holding cutting scissors in one hand, which is an iconic image of Denham.

In addition to the items introduced in this article, there are many other items that shouldn’t be overlooked, such as outerwear and caps. This collaboration will be on sale from Friday, September 16, 2022 at directly managed stores, dealers, and online stores nationwide. We are sure that many of our readers will be excited by this collaboration!