From the garage to the camp. A gorgeous winter item from Gordon Miller x Gripswany.

3 years ago


A rugged collection suitable for winter outdoor and garage time.

This collaboration between the versatile Gordon Miller and Gripswany, a long established US brand known for its tough leather gloves, aims to create items that support a fun garage life. Many heavy duty items that can be relied on during the cold winter months have been released.

DOWN JACKET     ¥41800

The jacket and pants feature a simple design that is tightly packed with down and uses Gripswany’s unique flame retardant rip stop fabric. The garments combine high cold prevention and ruggedness to suit any environment. Pockets that can store thick gloves make it very practical for working in cold garages during the winter.

G-1 GLOVES     ¥9350

These leather gloves have been updated by Gordon Miller but the specifications are synonymous with Gripswany. A deep coyote brown color is used and conductive thread is built into the index finger. This means you can conveniently use smartphones and other touch screens while wearing them.


The lineup also includes a bench cushion cover made of the same material as the down jacket that fits the folding bench sold by Gordon Miller. Each of the items have a style and function that is equally at home in the garage or the great outdoors. The scheduled release is November but dealers will be accepting order from mid October so make sure not to miss out!

Gordon Miller