Collaboration snow wear by Snow Peak and Mountain of Moods is here. Featuring high specs that can withstand harsh environments.

1 year ago

Collaboration snow wear from “Snow Peak” and “Mountain of Moods”, which have their roots in the famous Mt. Tanigawa in Gunma Prefecture, will appear again this season. The lineup includes 9 items centered on the updated model of the standard 3L jacket and fleece hoodies.

3L Graphen Jacket ¥71500

The 3L snow shell jacket has waterproof and moisture permeability that uses “Graphen” derived from carbon fiber in the membrane, and has excellent temperature control capabilities. A high-spec model that considers the use of

Fleece Hybrid Jacket ¥26400

The pullover fleece, which is designed to be layered, uses Polartec®, a highly functional material that combines breathability and durability. Ripstop is attached to areas that are subject to significant wear to improve the strength and durability.

Fleece Balaclava Hoody ¥19800

Fleece 2Way Cap ¥8800

In addition, they have developed a parka-type fleece jacket using Polartec® and cap that are also easy to wear in the city.

Logo L/S Tshirt ¥7480

The long-sleeve T-shirt, which has the texture of cotton but is also highly absorbent and quick-drying, and is smooth and comfortable to wear. It features a printed graphic of the image of Mt. Tanigawa, which is a common theme to both brands.

This collaboration features items that can be used not only in harsh weather conditions but also for everyday use in the city and can be purchased at some of Snow Peak’s directly managed stores from September 17th. Pre-orders have started on the online store, so if you want to be sure to get your hands on something, make sure to check it out!