It can transform from a jacket to a backpack! The evolution of functional clothing from the revived Alk Phenix.

1 year ago

“Alk Phenix” was fully restarted from 2022AW. While maintaining the DNA of “functional clothes for walking”, the concept for this season is “everyday adventure”, with new items that combine functional materials. This convoy jacket is one of the most eye-catching among the latest models available.

The brand’s iconic “Zack Pocket” is used on the front and back, and the jacket can transform into a backpack, allowing you to go outside without the need to carry a separate bag.

alk phenix Convoy Jacket ¥79200

The brand has developed a new lightweight and highly stretchable nylon-based water-repellent material called “Cal Stretch Two”, and by combining it with Gore-Tex, an outstandingly high performance shell has been achieved. There are rucksack pockets on both sides, and the cuffs are adjustable with cords. In addition, a special thread that releases static electricity is used at key points to solve the problem of static electricity being generated in winter.

Here is the jacket transformed into a backpack. It can be changed into a backpack while storing luggage in the rucksack pocket on the back, so you can move without the jacket getting in the way even when it gets hot.

A large rucksack pocket designed with storage capacity and usability in mind is also used on the back. There is a zip around this rucksack pocket, and the jacket can be stored inside by closing it.

There is a waterproof cover that fastens the bottom with a button on the front chest, and when you turn it over, an inner pocket appears. Different materials are used on the sides, nylon on the right side and mesh on the left side. It can store gadgets that you carry around every day, and it also has a removable key case.

If you carry the backpack by the shoulder strap, you can carry it on your back when you take off the jacket.

The collar also has a retractable hood.

Pre-orders for this item are currently being accepted on the official website with the release planned in late November. Alk Phenix are back and stronger than ever so make sure to stay up to date with the latest information on their newest products.

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