Meanswhile’s “extra storage capacity” knit with eye catching mismatched fishing details.

10 months ago

The theme for “Meanswhile’s” 2022FW collection is that of over protection. One of the most attractive points of this new collection is the original design that reflects the history of functionality in fashion, but as a new product. As part of this they have released a unique storage vest that realistically reproduces a fishing vest but with a wool nylon knit material. Characteristic details such as the pocket work, short length, and wide silhouette are just like typical fishing vests.

Knit Luggage Vest ¥44000

The material used is a 80% wool and 20% nylon mixed knit fabric. The front has a double zip, and pockets of different sizes are placed on the left and right. Of course, it also follows the same type of silhouette that is typical to fishing vests. In addition to the mustard color here, the lineup includes a total of three colors including charcoal and blue gray.

The front design incorporates authentic pocket work unique to fishing vests. All of the pocket flaps are button-fastened, and a D-ring is placed under the left breast pocket, which is very convenient for storing small items.

We also recommend wearing an set up with a cardigan made of the same material that is sold separately.

Double Knit Cardigan ¥33000

A knit cardigan with a double front design that is different to the normal type of cardigan typically seen. It can be worn as an inner layer underneath a jacket and the silhouette features an excellent curved line.

By wearing the cardigan under the vest, they combine to create a full knit jacket. Of course, the knit material also improves heat retention making it a very warm combination.

Making a knitted fishing vest is an unexpected and pleasantly surprising design choice that we think is a must for Winter. There is no doubt that it will be an item that will add some extra style to your outfit this fall and winter season