The first ever collaboration between Palace Skateboards and Engineered Garments, the perfect combination of the outdoors and skating.

10 months ago

A new collaboration between “PALACE SKATEBOARDS” launched by a London skateboard crew and “Engineered Garments” established in New York by Daiki Suzuki, a designer from Japan.

The Gore-Tex jacket has an asymmetrical color scheme unique to Engineered Garments. In addition to the functional design that features gusseted pockets, it has a pattern that is easy to wear while skating.

The hat features a flap pocket on the crown and is also made with Gore-Tex. The stitchwork accents on the brim make it a staple of your simple daily style.

The flannel shirt also features the same name print as the hat. The vintage details that Engineered Garments are well known for, such as asymmetrical pockets and cat-eye buttons, are also incorporated.

The jacket is made of tough ripstop cotton and has an eye-catching cheetah print. The design features an exquisite blend of work and street elements, and the lineup also includes pants made from the same fabric.

A fleece hoodie constructed with a patchwork of similar olive color fabrics. The buttons on the collar are typical of Engineered Garments that fans of the brand will definitely recognize.

This collaboration incorporates the essences of skating and street style while also deftly having a foot in the door of the outdoors world. It will be on sale at the Palace Skateboards online store from Saturday, September 17th.