Dog camping lovers have been waiting a long time! Muraco’s dog accessory brand “Guri” is finally on sale!

10 months ago

The dog gear brand “Gris” from “Muraco” introduced earlier in this article has finally launched. If you are a dog lover, don’t miss out on the many items that make use of the knowledge cultivated over many years producing outdoor gear and apparel.

The brand name “Gris” is the name of Mr. Murakami’s pet dog, a Weimaraner Longhaired. “Gris” means “gray” in French, and it is said that he named him after his dog’s beautiful color.

In the dog supplies market in Japan, there are overwhelmingly many more products for small dogs, and there are very limited options for owners of large dogs, especially ones that have a high level of design.

Therefore, Muraco has started developing a dog accessory brand for dogs and people spending time together, including daily walks, outings, camping, etc. They launched the brand with products that are suitable even for large dogs.

ROB SWEAT XXS〜S ¥8800、M〜XXL ¥9900

Muraco are well known for their gear with a chic design based on monotone colors as the main feature, but Gris selects colors inspired by the natural world and the beautiful colors of dog’s coats. It is characterized by a design that emphasizes the natural beauty of the dog, rather than “feeling like you are wearing it”. The art direction is handled by “6D” led by Shogo Kisumino, who is also a judge as part of the Good Design Award.

DE TEE XXS〜S ¥7700、M〜XXL ¥8800

The first collection includes apparel, collars, leashes, toys, and bowls. The collar and leash are made of durable and soft climbing rope, and the rainwear is made of fabric with excellent water repellency.

Gris items are on sale at Muraco’s flagship store “Muraco TACHIKAWA” and at the official online store.

Why don’t you get yourself some items from Gris for you dog and have a great time camping together?