Gramicci’s classic NN pants, made with corduroy as an exclusive model to Ships.  

12 months ago

Gramicci’s NN pants feature a tight tapered finish that tapers toward the hem. “SHIPS” have made a special order based on the popular model named the New Narrow. The classic has been re-modelled into a eye catching new silhouette.

Just Length Stretch Corduroy Pants ¥14300

In addition to adjusting the hip circumference and the rise to give it a more elegant silhouette, the length is slightly longer so that it is just right. This is an exclusive piece that Ships has produced to make the tapered fit stand out.

Another key point for this collaboration series is the pocket on the right side. It has a size that can store smartphones and paperback books, and has been updated to be easier to access by placing it in a slightly higher position than previously.

The signature running man logo on the webbing belt is changed to a special silver color. This Ships exclusive model is the only one available that has an extra loop on the belt loop that can be used to hook keys etc. Furthermore, an inner pocket that is just the right size for a smartphone is built into the right hand pocket.

Of course, it also has a gusseted crotch that allows you to open your legs 180 degrees, which is on the signature characteristics of Gramicci’s climbing pants, that pride themselves on stress free comfort. They are also comfortable enough to be used as room wear.

All the coloring in the lineup features a calm color scheme that is a perfect fit for autumn and winter. Combined with the corduroy texture, it creates a warm atmosphere for easy styling.

Not only the unique silhouette, but also the special details that seamlessly blend into everyday life are excellent. Available in sizes from S to XL, they can fit any body type. These limited-edition pants bespoke to Ships are on sale now. Why don’t you add a pair to your wardrobe for this Autumn and Winter season?