Nanga’s flame-retardant series finally welcomes the long-awaited inner down jacket! A versatile design that can be used indoors and outdoors!.

3 months ago

“NANGA”, is a widely popular brand not only for their sleeping bags but also for apparel and accessories. Now the brand has released their first inner down that uses “Takibi Ripstop”!

Takibi Ripstop is a fabric that has natural stretch and elasticity made by using crimped yarn, and has been developed for shirts, shorts, long pants, overalls, aprons, etc.

It combines ripstop, which has excellent tear strength, with aramid fiber, which has high flame resistance and abrasion resistance.

Inner down jackets have become a staple item not only for the outdoors but also in the business scene, and it is a must have for many people during the Autumn season

Versatile wear for 3 seasons!


Pockets are on the chest and waist, and the simple deign with no collar makes it perfect for use as an inner wear! In addition, it has a cotton-like appearance and does not show down stitching on the outer surface, making it also easy to use as a main outer during milder weather.

The cuffs are ribbed for a perfect fit.

It can be worn on its own in autumn and spring, and in the middle of winter, it can be worn under a coat for versatile use across 3 seasons. About 50g of Spanish duck down (760FP) is used.


Best version that emphasizes ease of movement.


This is the best version of the previous down cardigan with the sleeves removed. Since it features decent space around the arms, this is recommended if you value ease of movement.

The area around the arms of the vest is stretchy and the stitching doesn’t show on the outside, making it easy to mix and match.

Not only can it be worn as an inner layer underneath an overcoat, but it can also be worn over a hoodie or turtleneck because it has a simple silhouette with no color! About 40g of down is used here.

There are a total of 3 colors available, black, navy, and army green which are all easy-to-coordinate colors. Sizes range from S to XL, and there is also a lineup for women, so it can be worn by couples.

These are the ones available for females. Takibi Ripstop Inner Down Long Cardigan on the left, Takibi Ripstop Inner Down on the right.

Nanga’s new stylish and warm inner down series is sure to sell out early! Check it out ASAP, as it’s only available for purchase at directly managed stores and the online store.