Gramicci’s second popular collaboration with Taion! Cold weather gear with excellent cost performance!

9 months ago

The first collaboration between “Gramicci” and “TAION”, was a limited edition release last fall that attracted a lot of attention. This popular collaboration has been realized again this year, and for this season the brand logo is featured bodly on the chest, and there will be 5 different items in total.

Inner Down Jacket ¥11000

Inner Down Vest ¥8800

You can wear it under various tops or wear it casually as if it were an outer layer. Another great point is that it can be washed in a conventional washing machine at home.

Down Pants ¥14300

It is made with 95% down and 5% feathers. In addition, a ripstop fabric with a slight unevenness developed for this collaboration is used, and the surface is water-repellent. It is available in 5 colors including the beige shown in the photo.

Down Scarf ¥4950

Down Cap ¥6050

The 3 models of jacket, vest, and pants come with a storage bag, and can be carried compactly by packing them inside the bag. Not only is this useful for outdoor activities such as camping, but it will be also be useful to put it in your bag when the temperature varies greatly between the day and nighttime.

These are utility items that can be used in a variety of situations, and the collection is getting a lot of attention this year, so we recommend you checking it out as early as possible.