Fresh Service launches a new line “Fresh Service Sports”.

3 weeks ago

“FreshService” is a project in which director Takayuki Minami reconstructs things made all  around the world from his own perspective and produces them as new products.

Clothes with a clear purpose he calls “tools” and these tools are made from the viewpoint of “fashion and art”. Working with production areas where mass production is difficult, they have a close relationship with the people who make the clothing, and by working with manufacturers and factories that can mass-produce but highly practical and functional products, they have created an image of uniforms and workwear from daily necessities such as stationery, cutlery, and towels. There are a wide range of items available that will help to enrich the lives of those that use them.

Derived from “FreshService”, the new line “FreshServiceSport has been launched which proposes comfortable and relaxing sports casual wear with the minimum necessary functions for urban life.

At this time when soccer fever is rising worldwide thanks to the World Cup, they have collaborated with soccer shop KAMO to focus on soccer and use functional materials for items to create original wear with the image of “off-pitch” and soccer goods unique to the collaboration with soccer shop KAMO.


The PERTEX QUAMTUM is a material which boasts extremely light weight and excellent strength, is perfect for down jackets, sleeping bags, etc., and is strong enough to withstand use even in harsh environments. Here they have designed a down anorak with an ultra-lightweight finish in a unique oversized silhouette that creates a sense of volume.


Solotex has a soft texture, is stretchy, does not wrinkle easily, and does not lose its shape. The Solotex Sunburner Bench Coat, which combines a functional “sunburner” padding that absorbs moisture and generates heat, has a relaxed silhouette and is a versatile item that can be used in a wide range of situations, from everyday life to watching sports games.

First of all, the collection will be pre-sold as a launch stage a pop-up store at Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building, which will be held from November 2nd (Wednesday) entitled the “Locker Room”, a new form of soccer shop from KAMO,

After the 1st half is over, the 2nd half will be available from Saturday, November 12th at FreshService Headquarters, some stores handling FreshService, official online stores, and soccer shops KAMO Harajuku, Umeda, and online stores. (* 2nd Half items differ depending on the store). These are items that you should check out even if you are not a soccer fan.

■FreshService headquarters tel:03-5775-4755