Don’t miss out on the latest popular collaboration between The North Face and Hender Scheme!

8 months ago

“THE NORTH FACE” and Hender Scheme have announced their next collaboration, and from November 11th (Friday), lottery-based sales started on the special made sites of both brands. This collaboration, which first started in the fall and winter of 2020, is the 4th edition and will be the last season.

So far, the theme of this collaboration has been “things that change and things that don’t change”, and they have released products that incorporate the identities of both brands, such as materials, functions, and durability. This last collection consists of products with differing duality, each item using down and quilting derived from the autumn/winter season.

The technology and materials that THE NORTH FACE has cultivated over many years in the outdoors world have been rebuilt with new ideas and designs by Hender Scheme to create brand new functional and lightweight gear. This is a collection that perfectly symbolizes this ongoing collaboration, including contrasts such as “nature and the city” and “outdoors and indoors”.

Designed based on tent boots for high-altitude mountaineering.

HS Nuptse Down Mule ¥36300

The North Faces’ famous Nuptse Mule has been accented with a Hender Scheme leather brand tag on the heel. Leather mudguards, a Vibram sole, and quick pull laces are used to enhance the functionality and design. As a result, the outdoor usability is improved compared to the standard model.


Down is used for the upper, and it features a removable inner sock.

HS Down Climbing Diversity ¥44000

Climbing Diversity, which was developed as part of the collaboration from the spring and summer season last year, has been upgraded and revived by adopting down material for the upper vamp. This fully utilizes the strengths of both brands in terms of both function and design, such as the detachable inner socks, as well as the classic Tyrolean shoe design of Hender Scheme.


The leather handle allows for compact storage and portability.

HS Quilted Blanket ¥27500

The included Hender Scheme leather handle makes it easy to store and carry.

This is a large-sized blanket that uses thin cotton between the lightweight and water-repellent outer material often used for The North Faces down items and a recycled fleece lining to achieve both lightness and warmth. The loofah patterned quilt work is eye-catching and the three leather buttons allow for easy adjustment when carried over the shoulder.


A 2WAY use beanie and neck warmer.

HS Neck Watch ¥15400

Next is a 2WAY specification that transforms from a neck warmer to a watch cap.

Also as part of this collaboration, a neck-watch with an original design that uses the same material as the blanket is available. It is a 2-way specification that transforms from a neck warmer to a watch cap by tightening the elastic cords to put the top together and then folding the hem. The voluminous silhouette is perfect for various scenes and styling. The brushed tricot used for the lining is soft to the touch, and the enclosed down provides outstanding comfort and warmth.


Lottery sales start today. General sales from 11/25 as long as stock is available.

This collaboration, which has become a must see each time a new edition is released will be sold by lottery on the special sites of both brands from November 11 (Friday). Also, from November 25th (Friday), general sales will be held at the official online shops of The North Face and Hender Scheme.

Both of these brands who are world leaders in their seemingly very different specialties of the outdoors and leather combine to create new values and perspectives for customers to enjoy.


Lottery sales method

[THE NORTH FACE special site]

Application period: November 11, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 to November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) 10:00

Lottery result notification: Email notification of lottery results will be sent sequentially from November 18, 2022 (Friday)

Over-the-counter delivery / web store shipment: Starts from November 24, 2022 (Thursday)

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[Hender Scheme special site]

Application period: November 11, 2022 (Friday) 10:00 to November 15, 2022 (Tuesday) 20:00

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