Daiwa’s new apparel line in all dark navy is finally on sale from 23rd November!

5 months ago

What is the new line DAIWA LIFESTYLE?

DAIWA is a global brand that is one of the leaders of the fishing scene. For that reason, the functionality of their apparel is impeccable with specs that can withstand harsh fishing environments when you are exposed to rain and wind not to mention most other outdoor situations.

The <DAIWA LIFESTYLE> line, which has been newly launched by Daiwa, has functionality and design that is perfect for using in multiple outdoor fields, including fishing, camping, and trekking.

In particular, the dark navy blue color used throughout the lineup catches the eye with its freshness that does not adhere to conventional outdoor concepts. It seems to fit a wider range of people, and is also perfect for daily use. The release is scheduled for November 23, 2022 (Wednesday), and it will be available at various stores nationwide. Please check the official website for store locations.

Let’s take a look at the 7 key items that from the new line of <DAIWA LIFESTYLE>.

800FP Down JKT that uses Gore-Tex Pro.


This is a jacket suitable for harsh winters, which uses Gore-Tex Pro, which has the highest level of waterproof and moisture permeability available, and is filled with 800FP down. It looks simple, but it is incredibly functional with 11 large and small pockets, especially the large zip pocket on the chest. In terms of design, it is features unique specifications that are not found anywhere else.


A down vest that is easy to layer over a jacket.


An easy-to-wear down vest that uses Gore-Tex Infinium. While using a water-repellent and moisture-permeable material, it is also easy to wear over a jacket with its long length and voluminous collar, and a hood is also included. There are 4 pockets on the inside, and the chest pocket features a double zip.


A padded vest that uses the windproof material Barrier Tech.


This is a batting vest that uses Barrier Tech, a windproof material with excellent moisture permeability. It is very light and comfortable to wear, and is perfect for layering. Like the down vest, it has 3 pockets on the front and 4 pockets on the inner side, and the chest pocket has a double zip.


Shell Parka that adopts Gore-Tex Pro for easy movement.


The outer shell uses Gore-Tex Pro, which boasts excellent waterproof and moisture permeability, and uses draping to emphasize ease of movement. It also features 7 ultra-fine aqua-guard concealed zipper pockets. This is a versatile outerwear that can be used all year round depending on the layering, from trekking to winter sports.


Affordable and highly functional shell parka made with Daiwa’s original materials.


A shell parka that uses the original waterproof and breathable material Rainmax that Daiwa cultivated as part of their endeavors in the fishing scene. A versatile model with the same design as the light shell parka mentioned above which also features excellent pocket work. Ventilation holes are added under the armpits for a extra comfort.


A cooler box case with a heavy duty gear feel is also available!


A foldable cooler case that can store Daiwa’s 25L model cooler box. Tough and lightweight Cordura 100D nylon is used, and the front and sides have moldings that can be customized with various parts. Since it is a box type, it can also be used as a carrying case for camping gear.


A backpack that can be customized to fit any occasion!


Like the cooler case, this tough and lightweight backpack also uses Cordura 100D. The front and left and right sides are equipped with a mall system, giving it a military feel, and a drawcord is also used on the front. It comes with a PC sleeve, so it’s perfect for everyday use as a basic backpack that can be customized for any occasion.


There is also a new service available that provides product information with a QR code.

By reading the QR code inside some items, you can access a special page on the <DAIWA LIFESTYLE> official website. On the site, even if you access it while outdoors, you will be able to understand the function of the item and the recommended layering style. * Scheduled to be released in mid-December.

The official Instagram has also started, so if you are interested, check it out along with the official website!