High-quality fleece jacket made of 100% natural wool from FilMelange!

2 weeks ago

Fleece wear is a staple item for autumn and winter that everyone who likes clothes has owned at least once. Items that are blended with synthetic fibers and can be used roughly are certainly good, but I would like to recommend the new model from “FilMelange” for those who are a little more particular about fabrics.

Knitted from high-quality lambswool grown in southern Australia, plus furrowing and pilling. They have created an original fleece made of 100% natural fibers. The supple and lustrous material harvested from calves just after birth can be seamlessly incorporated into your winter wardrobe.

HOFFMAN ¥88000

The design is reminiscent of a good old outdoor coat. The synergistic effect of the material and the large buttons creates a bulky impression perfect for cold winter seasons.

HALLEY ¥63800

There is also a basic zip jacket with a high neck. The key design point is the casual 2 color scheme used on the ribs of the cuffs and hem. It has a compact size that can be worn inside a larger outerwear as an extra layer.

HALL ¥44000

Equipped with vertical pockets similar to military utility pants, the easy-type waist allows you to relax and wear them comfortably, and you can change the silhouette by tightening the cord at the hem.

The fibers are crimped so that they contain plenty of air, making it retain heat well. From the moment you put your arms through the sleeves, you can feel the functional beauty of the natural fibers.