The second collaboration watch between Abu Garcia and Timex is a remake of a classic masterpiece!

8 months ago

The well-established fishing gear maker “Abu Garcia” and the American watch brand “TIMEX”, are back again with another collaboration item which was previously well received last year. The base model for this second collaboration is the “Ironman (R) 8 Lap”, which is known for its exceptional toughness even among sports watches.

This classic model was first released in 1986 for use during triathlons and adopts metal panels and front buttons that were innovative at the time. Functions such as 10 ATM water resistance, high confidentiality, and lap time measurement have been handed down the generations to subsequent models.

IRONMAN 8 LAP ABUGARCIA Collaboration ¥17600

For this collaboration, the design is based on military colors, and a metallic top plate is combined, while a phosphorescent material that is easy to see at night is used for the case. By unifying the color of the buckle and case back in bold black to match the inverted liquid crystal, they have achieved a design that is easy to match with clothes not only for the outdoors but also for city use.

The package includes a multi-case printed with the logos of both brands. Not only can it store coins and cards, but it can also be used as a smartphone case by hanging it around your neck. The flame-retardant vinyl allows you to operate your smartphone even whilst it’s in the container. It has a carabiner on the back, so you can customize attaching it according to how you want to use it.

Abu Garcia was originally founded by a Swedish watchmaker, and Timex has brought models that are easy to handle outdoors to the market. Collaboration items from these two traditional brands with a storied history are sure to be perfect not only for fishing and the outdoors but also in a wide range of other situations!