Want to enjoy Japanese tea while camping? Introducing the innovative “Tea Bag” by Master-Piece!

2 months ago

Everybody wants a hot drink during winter camping, don’t they? Warming up to the core of your body in the clear air is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. Soup is the standard for meals and coffee for breaks, but how about changing it up and having tea?

A bag brand that combines fashion and functionality, “Master-Piece”, has created a new tea bag (sa-hou), to allow you to conveniently enjoy tea outdoors. This new product that “brews, carries, and lets you enjoy tea” is out now! As might be expected of a bag brand, this is an all-in-one package that pays close attention to the importance of portability.

sa-hou S/L ¥17050 sa-hou leather ver.S/L ¥26400

The small shoulder pouch attached to the drawstring comes in thin gusset and round bottom types, and the line-up includes two types of materials: cotton x nylon and waterproof leather. Each pouch is available in both M and L sizes.

A water bottle can be attached with a separate loop

This pouch comes with a 300ml water bottle made by KINTO which features the brand logo. Water (hot water) is indispensable for brewing tea. Although it depends on the type of tea and the amount of tea leaves, one cup of hot water is about 50 to 150 ml, so you can brew tea 2 to 3 times.

In addition, a tea bag from Kyoto’s Japanese tea specialty store “Ippodo Chashu” is included so you can bring tea with you camping!

You can enjoy an elegant tea time with this tea bag (sa-hou) in a tatami style room! It may even lead to the discovery of a new style of camping! Of course, it is also recommended for daily use and on business occasions.

The KINTO x Masterpiece collaboration water bottle can be purchased separately. 300ml and 500ml available (¥2860-¥3300)