A monster parka with functions perfect for cyclists! Check out the unexpected new outerwear from Wild Things & Narifuri.

8 months ago

“Narifuri” is known as a pioneer of cycling casual wear, and “WILD THINGS” is are leading brand in the outdoor scene. The 2nd collaboration between the two, which is different in genre but features another ground breaking, functional design, has been released.

This time, the concept is “URBAN PROTECT RIDE,” which focuses on urban living and being able to carry items while maintaining comfortable movement in the middle of winter. They have completed two models that are an example of the latest innovations in cycling wear!

An air unit vest is added to this collaboration specific monster parka!

Air Down Monster Parka ¥59400

Based on the signature outerwear from Wild Things, the body width and length have been slimmed down to better suit cyclists. There is also excellent storage capacity that means you won’t need a bag thanks to the large-capacity pockets on both the front and back.

It is equipped with a sub-strap on the back to prevent the hem from getting caught in the rear wheel, and you can also fold it and carry it on your back.

Thinsulate, which reduces overheating, is used for the padding so that you won’t feel uncomfortable even if you sweat during long rides. To compensate for that reduction in heat retention an air unit vest from the brand “emulation,” which considers the air itself to be an insulating material is added inside.

By adjusting the amount of air, it is possible to control the amount of heat retention, and it is possible to change it according to the outside temperature. It is lighter than feathers and batting, and features an ecological design that is mindful of the environment.


A fleece hoodie for cyclists with added storage capacity and wind resistance.

POLARTEC Half Zip Parka ¥24200

This Parka features a split half zip that allows for smooth putting on and taking off and also functions as ventilation. The back has two pockets with plenty of storage capacity, and a special reflector featuring the name of Wild Things to create excellent visibility.

POLARTEC WIND PRO is used as the material is lightweight and exhibits excellent heat retention. This is a very high-quality fabric that has higher wind resistance than general fleece material and also prevents cold wind from passing through. You can feel the fluffy warmth from the moment you put your arms through the sleeves.

This new collaboration is on sale now and features two new products that ensure a comfortable fit not only for urban living and cycling, but also for outdoor use, transcending the boundaries between the city and the field.

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