A down jacket from the convenience store FamilyMart! A highly functional outerwear that is not only convenient.

8 months ago

From the original brand “Convenience Wear” developed by FamilyMart, the new down jacket “Convenience Down” will be on sale at some 90 FamilyMart stores across Tokyo.

Convenience Wear is an original brand that FamilyMart has been expanding nationwide since March 2021 based on the concept of “good materials, good technology, good design.” Hiroshi Ochiai, a fashion designer who works on Facetasm, etc., will lead the design.

Convenience Down 6990 yen

The Convenience Down, a down jacket that focuses on functionality and using eco-friendly materials, is now available from Convenience Wear! It is only available in one color, black.

This down jacket uses the super durable water repellent material “Dantotsu Water Repellent®” for the main fabric. Instead of down feathers, the batting uses AIRFLAKE®, a material developed through research into the shape of feathers, made from sustainable recycled polyester RENU® and it boasts a heat retention level of 730 fill power.

In addition, it can be hand-washed at home, and it is packable and can be folded into a small size, making it easy to carry.

Of course, this item is great for emergencies such as when forgetting to change clothes or sudden changes in the weather, but it also features a level of workmanship that makes you want to pick it up for pure enjoyment of fashion. I’m really looking forward to seeing it in store at FamilyMarts around Tokyo.

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