The 2nd bespoke collection from Needles & Beams. A boa fleece with an urban pattern is now available!

4 months ago

NEEDLES is a brand designed by Keizo Shimizu, the founder of the select shop NEPENTHES, which has fans all over the world. “BEAMS” will release a new bespoke collection with them following on from the popular “FLEECE COLLECTION” released previously.

For this second collection, a jacket and vest made of “boa fleece” material have been made to order. Beams’s relaxed silhouette is a modern design that allows you to enjoy layered styles with various other items of clothing. In addition, the brand’s icon “Papillon” is featured as a pattern on the whole body, combined with the exquisite coloring gives off an urban street impression.

Boa-Fleece Jacket ¥48400

Boa-Fleece Vest ¥39600

This much anticipated bespoke collection will be released on 11/26 (Sat.). Be sure to check out the BEAMS official online shop if you’re interested.