Junyaman and Nanga’s first collaboration!! A haybrid M-65 and down jacket!

7 months ago

“eYe JUNYA WATANABE MAN”, which has been collaborating with famous outdoor brands every year and has been working on many collaborations this season, has teamed up with the famous Japanese down brand NANGA.

This is the first collaborative effort between the two and it features a unique design that combines a M-65 military jacket with down, that is typical of Junyaman, who specializes in remixing work and military tastes.

Down jacket ¥ 165000

10D recycled nylon is used for the outer material of the down part, and Nanga quality 760FP Spanish white duck down is stuffed inside. The front can be opened and closed from the top and bottom with a W zipper, and the cuffs are made of piped rubber.

At first glance, it looks like a down jacket, but the fabric has been changed around the waist. Including the addition of two pockets on the waist and Velcro on the bottom of the pocket.

Both sides of the hem have zips and Velcro ventilation so details typical of the outdoors are included.

The zippered stand collar with the hood is based on the design of the M-65. Only the hood has a black color scheme, and you can create a different look by pulling out the hood.

The name tags of both brands are included up on the back of the neck.

The jacket is thick and voluminous with a strong impact. While retaining the elements of the military-colored M-65 it has been adapted into a casual urban down jacket.

A fashionable and one-of-a-kind down jacket has been created that sets it apart from other down jackets that are marketed specifically to the outdoors.