From Tiger Thermos comes a one-push mug that is extremely easy to use!

6 months ago

Tiger Thermos Co., Ltd., which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, has released a number of industry-leading thermos and vacuum-insulated bottles using their heat control technology. Now, a new one-push mug that emphasizes the ease of use will be released.

A one-push mug that is ergonomically designed for easy drinking.

In order to address some issues from consumers regarding their vacuum insulated bottles, the MKA-K036/K048/K060, which have received complaints of being “difficulty to drink from” due to problems such as “the lid hitting their nose when drinking” and “the drink coming out all at once unless you tilt it slowly”, a new design has been devised. The shape and height of the mouth of the standard product, the opening angle of the lid, etc. have been carefully reviewed, and the essence of the bottle, which is promoting “ease of drinking”, has been further improved..

Antibacterial processing is applied to the stopper and the outside of the main body, and the inner surface of the bottle is processed with their unique electropolishing technology “Super Clean Plus” that does not use fluorine coating. Dirt and odor are prevented from sticking to the inside, so it is extra easy to use and take care of.


The body is non-slip powder coated and has excellent heat and cold retention thanks to vacuum insulation.

It is non-slip even when held with wet hands, making it ideal for carrying around when going outdoors. The stainless steel vacuum double structure achieves excellent heat and cold retention, and can keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks cold for a long time even after about 6 hours. Also, cold drinks won’t cause condensation on the outside of the bottle, and hot drinks won’t make the bottle too hot to hold.


A total of 5 colors that reflect the beauty of nature.

MKA-K048 ¥6600

MKA-K060 ¥7150 、MKA-K036 ¥6050

The colors available are all reminiscent of the beauty of nature all of the colors are perfect to match any scene with rich colors that blend with the natural scenery. In addition, by making the plug black, it makes the color of the main body stand out even more.

You can check the details of the MKA-K036/K048/K060, stylish, high-performance, and easy-to-use vacuum-insulated bottles on the Tiger Thermos special site, so if you are interested, make sure to check it out!