A new kit that allows you to enjoy authentic masala chai even outdoors is now on sale.

6 months ago

Bonfire chai ¥980

“Ikoru”, is a brand which specializes in firewood for bonfires, and they wanted to create new ways to spend more time around the bonfire. This has led to them producing the new “Bonfire Chai”, which is made by crushing spices yourself and boiling them over a bonfire.

This product is a pack of 8 whole spices (Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, fennel, anise, coriander, ginger powder). You can easily enjoy authentic masala chai by putting the spices with milk in a pot and boiling over an open fire.

The tea leaves used are Assam CTC from Brook Bond. You crush the spices are yourself just before boiling them, so the aroma of the spices is much better when you drink it. In order not to impair the quality of the spices even when taken outdoors, the package uses an aluminum vapor deposition film that has excellent light blocking and moisture resistance properties.

By using the included tea bag, spices and tea leaves will not stick to the pot, making cleaning up outdoors easy, and any stains on the pot can be easily washed off.

The kit contains 40g (2 packs) and will be shipped sequentially from January 25th. It can be purchased on the official Ikoru online store, and we highly recommended it not only for campers who enjoy sitting by bonfires, but also for those who love chai tea! Also, check out the lumber shop-selected firewood that the company sells for your next campin trip!

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