Check out the new concept of outdoor spices produced by Asuwa, formerly Ushiro City.

1 month ago

Do you know that there is a new type of “stock spice” that has never existed before ever since the Sengoku period in Japanese history? Yasuyoshi Asuwa (formerly of Ushiro City), who is also a founding member of the camp-loving comedians club and bonfire party, has produced the new Asuwa Dashi Spice called “Haku”.

“Asuwa Dashi Spice ‘Haku'”

Asuwa has had a unique career, having trained for six and a half years at a restaurant that was independently opened by the head chef of Kyoto restaurant, Nadaman. The spice, “Asuwa Dashi Spice ‘Haku'” was developed using their many years of experience as a chef as well as their know how of camping.

Its key characteristic is “essence of umami”.

By utilizing the know-how he learned during his time as a chef, “The umami (flavor) is doubled when two different ingredients are mixed.” It is a versatile spice seasoning that uses plenty of the flavor enhancing ingredient “succinic acid”.

Among outdoor spices, when used in cooking, it is easy to season, but there are many that overwrite the entire seasoning. It is said that it is made so that such a change can occur.

It can be used for yakisoba, fried rice, pasta, risotto, stir-fried dishes, etc. It is so full of falvor that even just dissolving it in hot water makes a delicious soup. It can also be used in combination with other outdoor spices to add extra “umami”.

By making the spice into granules instead of powder, it is easy to use even outdoors when there is sometimes strong winds. This is a spice packed with ideas that only Mr. Asuwa, who has been experimenting with campsite cooking for many years can create.