The perfect partner for instant camping meals! Stick and roux-types are newly added to the lineup of the timeless Japanese classic “Aka Can” curry!

8 months ago

“Aka Can” are one of the classic founders of Japanese curry!

There is probably no food that fascinates and stimulates us in such a wide range of scenes as much as “curry”. At home, at lunch near work, and at camp with friends. “Hamburgers” and “ramen” are equally high on the list of favorite foods, but they cannot beat “curry” when it comes to eating outdoors. It is a staple menu when it comes to “camping meals” and everhone tends to have their own individual recipe.

Recently, in addition to the roux type commonly sold at any supermarket, there is a wide range of flake types, retort packs, and even spice sets. On of the oldest and original curry spices that was released in 1950 by SB Foods, is commonly known as “Aka Can.”

Minejiro Yamasaki, the founder of S&B Foods, who created the historical heritage “S&B Spicy Curry Powder”, commonly known as “red can”, can be said to have created a monumental achievement in Japanese curry culture. Born in a farming village in Saitama Prefecture in the late Meiji period, Minejiro moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 (1920, 1920) and worked at a sauce shop that sold to hotels and restaurants for the upper class at the time. At that time, he was shocked by the curry and rice he encountered, and after repeated research, he succeeded in manufacturing purely domestic curry powder for the first time in Japan. In 1923 (Taisho 12), he founded the predecessor of SB Foods, “Higashiya,” and began a wholesale business.

After that, in 1930, they developed home-use curry powder “Hidori Mark Curry Powder”. In 1931, the initials of “Sun” and “Bird” were written together, and the current S&B brand was established. After that, in 1933, the “white can” was released, and in 1950, the “red can”, which was a blend of over 30 kinds of spices in a delicious ratio, was released. The passion for spices that Minejiro was so passionate for 100 years ago lives on to this day.


A project created to commemorate the 100th anniversary!

That’s right, 100 years of history! SB Foods has started developing special products to celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. And on of the results is the “Aka Can” spice powder stick type and the “Aka Can” curry roux that we will take a look at here. So, first of all, I would like to introduce the “Aka Can” curry powder stick.

“Aka Can” Curry Powder Stick 10g (2g x 5 sticks) ¥216

The usual “red can” is, as the name suggests, in a can, so when using it in cooking, you have to measure the amount of spice to add to your curry dish. I think that there are many people who use it in the kitchen for curry making and other recipes, but this stick type is a measured 2g per bag (1 teaspoon), so it is the exact amount that you need to use without the need for measuring. It’s easy to make curry with, and you can even easily add a little to your usual dishes.

Also, rather than taking the “red can” with you from the kitchen outdoors, it is super convenient to just carry the “Aka Can” stick type spice powder in a cooking utensil bag for camping meals. You can use it as a secret ingredient during cooking, or when you want to add something to the meal to liven up the taste and insert some extra spice.

“Aka Can” Curry Powder Roux 152g (38g x 4 bags) ¥398

The “Aka Can” curry powder roux is a curry roux that makes the most of the aroma of “Aka Can curry powder” and has a light yet deep and spicy taste. It is said that it is an orthodox yet new expression of Japan’s “new standard of curry”. The main ingredients that make up the taste such as umami and sweetness, centering on the symbol of SB Foods, the “red canned curry powder”, is carefully blended with “domestic materials” such as carefully selected domestic beef soup and fried onions. You can enjoy the cohesive and spicy scent of “Aka can curry powder” without using sweeteners, flavors, or flour. It contains 2 plates (38g) x 4 bags, and it is subdivided so that can be used for cooking in a small pot when solo camping, so it is easy to use in a variety of ways.

The “S&B Aka Can Curry Powder Stick” and “S&B Aka Can Curry Powder Roux” have been on sale since February 6th on SB Foods official online store, major supermarkets, and other online retailers. Also, if you want to know more about “Aka Can”, why not check out the “Aka Can” special brand site and use it as a reference to create your own original curry recipe?