We discover a revolutionary rice cooker capable of anhydrous cooking. In other words an automatic Dutch oven!

4 years ago

Vermicular are a brand that focus on making cast enamel pans born out of the precision processing technology of skilled Japanese craftsmen and aim to create “The world’s best pan that brings out the true flavor of the ingredients”.

This Vermicular Ricepot is a product that first came out two years ago. This revolutionary rice cooker is aiming to take the world by storm.

This cast enamel pan that lets you enjoy Dutch oven cooking at home is a must have for camping and home cooking!

The space between the pot and the lid is processed to be as low as possible at 0.01mm. This allows for the ultimate heat-dissipation cooking that can truly draw out the taste and nutrients of the ingredients via the heat transfer method known as “Triple Thermo Technology”. Vermicular was born at a long established factory in Aichi prefecture, which was originally founded in 1982 and began retailing its products about 8 years ago.

Perfect rice that looks so good you can’t help yourself!

The Vermicular rice pot has a rice cooking mode that can cook white rice as well as brown rice and also has four heat adjustments, medium, low, extreme low and heat insulation. In addition to the anhydrous cooking, there are two types of cooking modes that allow you to fry, bake, boil, steam and slow cook at low temperatures.

In addition, since it is an electric cast enamel cooker you can easily adjust the level of heat allowing you to easily cook either anhydrously or via any other cooking method.

The common weak point of cast enamel pans is spillage that can occur at high power. In order to reduce this issue the design has evolved for more efficient rice cooking so that it can be heated up with high thermal power while correctly maintaining its sealant. It is also possible to control the volume of steam that is admitted.

The pot heater, which is the source of the heat for cooking, combines an IH coil on the bottom and an aluminum heater on the side allowing for three dimensional heating, mimicking a flame wrapping around the pan.

Camp lovers shouldn’t miss out on this. You can enjoy freshly cooked rice in a Dutch oven every day.

Most importantly, there is no heat insulation function (the heat insulation lid found on a typical rice cooker). This creates a large temperature difference between the bottom of the pan that is heated and the top that is cooled by the outside air, causing intense heat convection and therefore evenly cooking the rice.

The steaming of the rice is also improved by cooling the pants after it has been heated with a fan. This means it can absorb the moisture of the outside of the rice firmly, leaving the rice with a special gloss and texture.

VERMICULAR Rice Pot ¥86184/Rice Pot Mini ¥69984

Up until now the maximum serving you could cook of white rice was 5go and the maximum of brown was 4go but the mini size will also debut this year!

It’s great that they are developing a size that is suitable for people that live alone as well as families.

The size is usually 31.1 x 20.8cm for the standard model and 25.8 x 17.3cm for the new mini model. The capacity has also changed from 3.7L to 2.1L. Other than the size difference the functions are all the same so it can be a great match for families or those that live alone.

One of the reasons for its popularity is not just the functionality but also the excellent design.

This coming season, even if you can’t go camping you can still enjoy Dutch oven style cooking at home.

If you choose a color that matches the interior design of your kitchen then overall atmosphere will be improved. The automatic heating adjustment is such a wonderful function that it would be a waste to only use it for cooking rice, so you can easily try and make dishes that you wouldn’t normally attempt such as roast beef or confit.

This season when the weather gets too cold for you to go camping, why enjoy the best home cooking available in a stylish way!

VERMICULAR https://www.vermicular.jp/