Montbell’s “Chai” available at their directly managed cafés has now become available as an instant drink that can be used outdoors. Authentic with 5 kinds of spices.

3 months ago

The outdoor brand “mont-bell” produces not only their own directly managed stores but also cafes as a space for relaxation. The instant version of the “Chai” served at their cafes is now available to purchase.

Trail chai (6 sticks) ¥669

The milk tea “Chai” offered at Mont-bell’s directly managed cafe is authentic with a blend of five different spices and now it has become available as an instant product that can be easily taken with and enjoyed outdoors.

The image above is of the package containing 6 servings, and there are also a single serving (¥118) and 12 serving (¥1296) option available.

Usually in order to brew chai, it is necessary to boil the tea leaves and spices in milk, but with this product, all you have to do is dissolve the contents in hot water. You can even make ice cream by using water and ice.

It is available for purchase at each Mont-bell store or via the online shop here. How about taking a chai tea break in the great outdoors?