To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Chums, a collaboration with a sake brewery in Kochi! A special set of sake and sake cups is now on sale!

3 months ago

“CHUMS” combines the high functionality of outdoor specifications with pop style design that gives their items an extra impact. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, a collaboration that transcends genres with the sake brewery “Suigei Sake Brewery” in Kochi Prefecture with the philosophy of “creating the best KANPAI” has been realized.

Since 2017, Chums has been a sponsor of the NPO Waters Revital Project (WRP), which conducts conservation activities for the None River in Toyo Town, Kochi Prefecture.

At first, the fishway was broken and it was difficult for the sweetfish to go up the river, but over time, thanks to the WRP activities that have improved the situation, now the river is back to a condition where wild sweetfish have returned to the river. .

For that reason, the sake to celebrate the anniversary year was commissioned to Suigei Sake Brewery, based on Chums’ desire to “use rice from rice fields pulled from the None River and water from the same river, and to make it at a local sake brewery in Kochi.” Now this collaboration between two companies with different origins has been realized.

Suigei x CHUMS 40years Anniversary Junmai Sake Mino Sake Set ¥8800

The set comes with a hard case with a special 40th anniversary logo, so that you can perfectly store a sake bottle, Mino ware tokkuri and sake cups. You can enjoy the best time by bringing it with you outdoors in the pastel colored case and toasting with friends outdoors such as when camping.

The booby bird embossed case has impactful coloring with the use of vivid red. Even once you have finished drinking the sake, you can store camping gear and small items that are useful for outdoor activities.

Pure rice sake brewed with rice and subsoil water from Toyo-cho, where the None River flows. One of nature’s blessings, this was created in a brewery with the latest equipment. The rich and dry flavor that is characteristic of Suigei helps brings out the maximum “umami” of the dishes paired with it.

Both logos are added to the sake bottle and sake cup. The latter has a picture of a swimming booby bird when the Chums side is used to drink from, and a drunken whale on the other side.

Suigei x CHUMS 40years Anniversary Junmai Sake Domestic Hinoki Masu Set ¥7700

This is a set of two boxes made from high-quality Japanese cypress. Masu, which is indispensable for celebratory sake, which has a strangely mellow taste that is synonymous with pure rice sake.

Suigei Sake Brewery offers a special sake brewed with local rice and water in support of Chums ecological activities. There is no doubt that the exquisite sake with a great back-story will be more delicious when you taste it with friends outdoors!