A new teapot set that allows you to enjoy tea outdoors from Snow Peak.

2 months ago

Coffee has become a staple of the outdoors scene, but there are probably many Japanese campers who prefer tea. To that end, “Snow Peak” has released a teapot set for outdoor use.

Sayo ¥15400

A set of 2 teapots and teacups with a clean and almost transparent feel. At first glance, it looks like glass, but the material is saturated polyester resin Tritan, which is lightweight and durable enough for outdoor use.

The word “sayo” means “dancing tea,” and when hot water is poured, the tea leaves dance up and down, creating a visually pleasing moment.

Coffee may be the standard beverage to be brewed outdoors, but green tea and hojicha are refreshing and warm the body up so it is hard to ignore that many people prefer tea to coffee, so Snow Peak’s proposal is truly representative of a Japanese brand.

It comes with a stylish storage case that looks like a wrapping cloth. The teacups can be stacked inside the teapot, making it compact and portable.

It is now on sale at Snow Peak directly managed stores nationwide and online stores.