Use it forever! From YOKA, two lightweight skillets widen your cooking horizons.

3 years ago

After the brand’s first tent was sold out, a highly versatile iron skillet appeared from “YOKA”, which is attracting a lot of attention. It is an interesting item that has an usual set up of 2 in 1, and the versatility of cooking that can be done outdoors will increase greatly.

A two in one set of iron skillets.


They are accepting reservations for one pair of Yoka skillet with 2 sheets. It is a combination of iron skillets with slightly different sizes. Skillets are often made of cast iron, but since it is made of iron, it weighs only 750 g and is lightweight.

A Skillet is a must-have item for outdoor cooking, and it looks great even if it is put on the table as it is. If you have multiple skillets, the range of cooking you possible will expand, so the lightweight and 2-pack set is a nice specification for food lovers.


The range of dishes can be expanded by repeated use.

Since the two pieces are slightly different in size, you can use one of them like a lid by stacking them. This usage is the suggestion from Yoka.

It is possible to put charcoal on the lid side and use it like a Dutch oven. You can also use a net between the two pieces for smoked cooking. It will great for making all maner of stewed and smoked foods outdoors.

Both sides are “hard tempered” on the surface, eliminating the need for troublesome seasoning. You can purchase it and take it to use outside as it is.



Size: about Φ18cm (large), about Φ17cm (small)

Handle length: 9 cm (large), 9.5 cm (small)

Weight: 395g (large), 355g (small)

Material: iron (hard tempered)

made in Japan