The second collaboration from Thermo Mug & Takakuwa Metal is a high-quality cutlery from Tsubame Sanjo that is ideal for camping.

10 months ago

Thermo mug, which is famous as a kitchenware brand for both its functionality and design, such as their double-structured stainless steel mug, is now expanding from interior and home wear to the outdoor scene

In 2021, Thermo Mug collaborated with Takakuwa Metal Co., Ltd. located in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture to develop coffee goods which attracted a lot of attention, and they have now collaborated again to make original cutlery.

Using the durable 18-8 stainless steel material that is unique to “Tsubamesanjo”, which is considered to be a sacred place for metal processing, it is chicly finished with white and black monotone colors in addition to silver!

Stacking plate’s ideal for leisure.


Large plates with partitions are useful when camping and for BBQ’s. It’s a structure that is also used for food business purposes, so it’s nice to be able to stack and store it. There are two types, a round type (φ207 mm) and an oval type (300 x 208 mm), all of which are available in three colors: silver, black, and white.


Fashionable cutlery that makes food more delicious!


This is cutlery that you will want to use together as a set with the plates. The flat tip of the spoon makes it easy to pick up food, and the sharpness of the knives and forks cannot be overlooked! With a total length of 165 to 177 mm, it has a good size, and if you use the hole in the handle, you can bundle multiple pieces together with a carabiner. There are two colors available, silver and black.


A compartmenting seasoning container is also available!


There is also a seasoning can (seasoning container) that makes outdoor cooking even more enjoyable! A 5 mm hole type and powder (mesh) type are also available so that they can be used properly depending on the spice. It is also possible to have different body colors! The Φ55 x 80 mm size is easy to use at home or camping.

Why don’t you enjoy a higher-grade of camping dish with the kitchen tools from Thermo Mug made by the excellent craftsmanship of “Tsubamesanjo”, which boasts a history of more than 400 years!