The “Lotus root devil dumpling” that you can’t stop eating! [ALEX restaurant recipe introduction].

10 months ago

The popular column “ALEX Hanten” has been serialized in Go Out magazine. The original vegan dishes introduced by Alexander Lee Chang, also known as ALEX, are always appetizing. From the same ALEX restaurant, this time we will introduce how to make an irresistible “lotus root devil dumpling”!

Shopkeeper ALEX

The recipes are published on instagram (@alex_hanten). They are also posted in the v-cook recipe site ( They are currently looking for an ALEX restaurant assistant !! If you are interested, please contact via Instagram.

A vegan dish that is made slowly and carefully with love!

I would like to try a vegan dish that will give you a feeling of satisfaction if you take the time to make it. Why vegan food? I’m not particularly vegan, but if you’re a vegetarian, you can eat vegetables with soy meat that’s close to the usual meat! I thought that the recipe closely resembled meat, I would want to use meat. However, I actually enjoyed that I was cooking with soy meat and vegan cheese.

“Modoki dishes” that use these fake meats take more time and effort than dishes that only bake using ordinary meat. However, the finished dish was as satisfying as using real meat, and I personally thought that the nutritional value was perhaps more than using real meat!?

I love taking the time and effort to make it, so I enjoyed starting to eat vegan food. I would recommend the same to our readers to try it out. And I would be very happy if you could make your dish to your own preference, not according to my recipe, but with your favorite seasoning and serving method.




“To make about 20 dumplings”

・ Lotus root about 700g

A 1 onion

A Maitake 1 piece

A 1/2 shimeji mushroom

A Cashew nuts about 30

A half ginger


B 2 dried shiitake mushrooms

B Kiriboshi daikon about 15g


C Miso about 2 tablespoons

C soy sauce about 2 tablespoons

C vinegar about 1 tablespoon

C mirin about 1 tablespoon

C liquor about 1 tablespoon

C Vegan Oyster Sauce Approximately 2 tbsp

C Konbu tea (powder) about 1 tablespoon


・ 1/2 Koya tofu

・ Kinako about 50g ~ 80g

・ Appropriate amount of salad oil


[How to make vegan “lotus root devil dumpling”]


  1. Peel the lotus root and expose it to vinegar water to remove the lye.
  2. Boil water and put ingredients B back in.

  1. Cut all of A ingredients into fine pieces.

  1. Grate the lotus root and squeeze the water out until it remains lightly moist.

Put grated lotus root, ingredients A, B and C in a bowl and mix. * For how to make vegan oyster sauce, please google my instagram (if not, use normal oyster sauce 1 tbsp) search for alex restaurant.

  1. Since it has a lot of water, rub Koya tofu into it. Koya tofu acts as a sponge and absorbs water.

  1. Roll the mixture with Saran wrap to the size of a ping-pong ball, round the tip, place it on a microwaveable dish, and heat it in the microwave for about 2 to 3 minutes (1000w).

  1. Remove the lotus root balls now in the shape of dumplings from the wrap and sprinkle with soybean flour.

  1. Fry in 170 degree oil! When both sides have fried evenly, it’s done! Let’s eat!

It’s delicious to eat as it is, but this time I brought down the tomato sauce that I had at home, put lotus root dumplings on it, and sprinkled it with dried parsley to make it look good. Apart from fried batter, bread crumbs, potato starch, and persimmon pea powder are all right as long as they are powdery!

Very satisfying and healthy meatballs but with the indescribable texture that is like croquettes. This is sure to be a favorite with the ladies so if you have someone you would like to impress we definitely recommend learning this recipe.