Introducing the versatile “CAMP sauce” for outdoor cooking, developed by a popular campsite.

1 year ago

“I wanted to make a versatile sauce that is convenient when I’m camping.” Based on a tomato flavor, it is a multi-purpose sauce that can be used not only for meat dishes but also for stir fried noodles and pasta. It was created by “Camp and Cabins Nasu Kogen”, a popular campsite in Nasu Kogen, Japan.

CAMP sauce ¥ 540

This camping sauce is developed by “CAMP and CABINS NASUKOGEN”, a campsite popular with family campers and dog lovers. Due to the straightforward naming, the usage is clear and easy to understand

Of course, it wasn’t just made for “camping”, but it was said that they pursued the taste by repeating trial and error so that it could be used universally for outdoor cooking.

According to the official specs, the base is tomato flavor. The sweetness is modest and the acidity is strong, so that it compliments eating it with meat. Still, garlic, ginger, and onions are mixed in a well-balanced manner, so the flavor really resonates with your taste buds.

This is an example of fried noodles in a Neapolitan style. It goes well with noodles and can also be used to season pasta. This is a very reliable seasoning to add to your regular Spice Box!

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