“Horinishi” is releasing rice this time!? Rarely seen premium rice that is only distributed to 0.01% of restaurants.

9 months ago

The outdoor spice “Horinishi” produced by Wakayama’s popular shop “Orange” is a hit product that needs no introduction. The “Black” that was released this spring is also doing well, but here comes the unexpected news. Surprisingly, it seems that their latest release is premium grade rice!


The premium rice is produced in collaboration with Niigata based rice brand HIBARI. Uonuma’s Koshihikari, which is completely pesticide-free and organically grown, has a rice taste value of over 80 points. The rice taste value is a value that evaluates the deliciousness, and the standard value of domestic rice is 65 to 75 points.

Uonuma Koshihikari, which is pesticide-free and has a taste value of over 80 points, is only distributed to high-end restaurants, so the amount on the market is 0.01%, which makes it truly premium. A set of 2 bags of 450g (3 go) is a package that is easy to bring camping!

It is now on sale at Orange’s physical stores (4 stores) and online store. It can also be purchased at the Koshihikari brand HIBARI’s online store.