A bamboo steamer that can be used with Sierra cups made in collaboration with the popular video series “Oyaji Camp Food”!

9 months ago

“CAMPOOPARTS” is a cutting-edge brand that is constantly attracting attention for its unique gear. They also curate a custom kitchen brand, so they also have a particularly full range of items for us around the kitchen.

Among the many products available from CampOoparts, their cooking item “Mushiera”, which is a bamboo steamer for use with Sierra Cups, has collaborated with the popular video series “Oyaji Camp Food”.

The“Mushiera” that helps you enjoy healthy meals while camping.

When it comes to camping food, there are many dishes that use plenty of spices and grilled meat, but CampOoparts is focused on making “Healthy food at camp”. Utensils that allow for making steamed food, which can be said to be healthy cooking, was developed so that you can easily enjoy it while camping.

There is a rich repertoire of dishes that you can enjoy, not only steamed meat buns and steamed dumplings, but also hot vegetables and puddings. There is no doubt that as steam rises up, and the moment you open the lid, you will smile uncontrollably.

Collaboration with “Oyaji Camp Food”.

The popular “Steamer” item is now collaborating with “Oyaji Camp Food”. “Oyaji Camp Food” is made by a former Chinese chef who enjoys solo camping life in the deepest corners of campsites, and he makes delicious food with his trusty wok. This has grown into a YouTube program series featuring many different people.

For this special collaboration version, the 15cm type “Steamer” is engraved with the logo of the Chinese restaurant “Shunka Shuto”, which was run by the main face of “Oyaji Camp Food”. In addition, this limited version that comes with a special case and a recipe by Mr. Kotaro Okayama, who supervises the cooking of “Oyaji Camp Food”.


You can support it at crowd funding site Makuake.

This collaboration item, which lets you enjoy hot and delicious steamed food in the style of “Oyaji Camp Food”, is currently accepting orders on the crowd-funding site “Makuake”.

The “full set”, which includes a 480-size logo Sierra cup, is ¥10,580, and the set without the Sierra cup is ¥8,380.

Click here for the crowd-funding page where you can purchase and support the project. It is available until July 29, 2022.