Somen sauce from Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten enriches your summer camp meals. Customize freely with your favorite toppings!!

1 year ago

“Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten” produces clothing, food and living items that combine old traditions and modern lifestyles with the vision of “revitalizing Japanese crafts!” From this popular store, we will introduce a special sauce that you can simply pour over boiled noodles to make delicious “somen”, which is delicious and perfect for summer dining.

Pork sesame and soy milk for somen noodles ¥432, Chinese pepper meat miso for somen noodles ¥432, Chili pepper pork bamboo shoots for somen noodles ¥432, Chicken salt lemon ¥432 for somen noodles, Jelly sauce Yuzu pepper ¥702 for somen noodles , Jelly Sauce for Somen Ume Bonito ¥702

There are 6 types of exclusive sauces. You can enjoy somen every day without getting stuck in a rut flavor wise, and it is also recommended to top it with cucumber, perilla, and white-haired green onions. The gelée type is also gaining popularity as it looks cool and adds color to the summer dining table.

The easy-to-carry pouch-like container is perfect for outdoor use. Even at summer camps, you can easily enjoy delicious somen noodles.

Nara Yoshino Hand-stretched Kudzu Somen 5 pieces ¥648

This is an original somen noodle made by kneading Nara Yoshino’s ingredients, honkudzu, into domestic wheat flour. You can enjoy both the texture of the hand-stretched dough and the smooth texture of the kudzu.

By using these sauces you can customize the taste and enjoy somen noodles while sharing with your friends and make your camp meals tastier. Since its launch in 2020, the popular series has sold over 25,000 servings, and they are sure to satisfy even serious food critics!