TENGA collaborates with Outdoor Spice! ? A special set of T-shirts, spices, and TENGA are now on sale!

5 months ago

Sex evangelist TENGA, who has always been a hot topic in collaborations with different industries, has announced a new collaboration. The UMAMI SPICE COMPANY, an outdoor spice brand, is the partner for this latest cross genre collaboration so I’m curious as to what they have created with this tag-team.

A spice born to seek the ultimate taste of “umami”

First of all, the UMAMI SPICE COMPANY (USC), which has collaborated with Tenga this time, started via crowdfunding in 2021.

In addition to the four basic tastes that humans perceive: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness, there is also a 5th secret taste called “umami”, which is said to have been discovered by the Japanese. They have blended 20 kinds of raw materials and released THE ULTRA UMAMI SPICE as a versatile spice full of “umami”, and achieved a figure of 869%.

At the same time, they are also developing an apparel line, which is attracting attention not only in the outdoors community but also in the fashion scene.

Limited set of original spice and L/S T-shirts now on sale.


Also for this collaboration, they produced a long-sleeved T-shirt specially printed for TENGA featuring the mascot character UMAMI PAPA, the father of USC brand icon UMAMI BOY. UMAMI PAPA is a new character specially created for this collaboration, and is a limited edition design that can only be obtained through this collaboration.

The body is made of a moderately thick 7 ounce cotton material that is also antibacterial, has deodorant properties and is antiviral. It has a loose, boxy silhouette, and is made with craftsman-like production methods such as knitting American cotton empty spun yarn into a round body and finishing it with a dry touch for a light and comfortable fit.

THE ULTRA UMAMI SPICE HOT TENGA EDITION with an original label will be sold as a set to match with the long sleeve T-shirt.

In addition to the limited quantity, it will only be sold at the “TENGA STORE TOKYO” and “TENGA STORE TOKYO Popup Store Yokohama VIVRE”. It is a must-see item for fans.


A campaign commemorating the collaboration is also being held.

And to commemorate this collaboration, they will hold a “Spice at home! Gift campaign”. 2022 is coming to an end, and 3 people will be presented by lottery with items that will add spice to your time spent at home, perfect for the coming cold season. Please check the special site for details and to apply.