Nanamica customizes Converse classics. A robust model with increased fabric thickness and utilizing Gore-Tex.

4 months ago

The first collaboration between “Nanamica”, which is famous for being a pioneering brand that connects the city and the outdoors, and “CONVERSE”, which celebrates its 115th anniversary this year, has been realized.

This is a special bespoke version of the “ALL STAR ©” which is the origin of basketball shoes. As you would expect from a brand that proposes functional standard wear, they have updated this famous model that has gone down in the history of sneakers to an extra comfortable style.

ALL STAR © nanamica GORE-TEX HI ¥22000

The upper has been changed to a 14-ounce canvas that is thicker than the standard inline model. Not only the fabric, but also the ankle patch, shoelaces, and eyelets have been changed to Nanamica’s signature color, dark navy. Even though it is simple, it has a stylish appearance that we haven’t seen before.

In addition, the liner is equipped with Gore-Tex, which is a waterproof and breathable material. Combined with the gusset tongue, it is designed to prevent rain and water from entering the shoes.

Converse’s original high-performance cup insole “REACT2.0” is also a key selling point. The light weight, cushioning, and highly breathable recycled PU foam is used to create a design that wraps around your heel firmly and provides an excellent hold so you can always enjoy stress-free comfort.

This collaboration model, which combines materials, design, and comfort at the highest level, will be released on March 17th (Friday). In addition to being perfect for wearing in the city, they also have the specs necessary to endure natural changes such as wind and rain. They have completed a product that can be used for any occasion, just like Nanamica’s clothing line.