Beams’ bespoke recovery sandals from Salomon are now available featuring a gorgeous flower motif!

3 months ago

While having an overwhelming presence in the outdoor world since their inception, “SALOMON” has also become very popular in the fashion scene around the world in recent years.

Salomon has been collaborating with “BEAMS”, which has is famous throughout the fashion world for creating many masterpieces and therefore this collaboration has become a hot topic. The result is different from the usual taste, and it shows an approach that has never existed before.

For this collaboration, contrary to the brand’s sporty image, they have released recovery sandals called the “RX SLIDE 3.0” with a painting-like floral motif.

The colors are based on beige and brown which creates a calm impression, and the flowers with a smoky pink and green color scheme have a somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. Salomon’s specialty is in its high printing technology, which is a fusion of the two. In addition, it uses a mesh upper with excellent elasticity and breathability, and the EVA midsole with cushioning enhances the recovery effects, making it feel like you are walking on clouds.

RX SLIDE 3.0 ¥13200

While retaining the functionality of the brand, these sandals can be used with a wide range of outfits and in various situations. Pre-orders will start at Beams, Ray Beams label stores, and Beams official online shop from April 10th (Monday). If you are looking for sandals with a slight different flavor, we highly recommend checking them out.